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 Go bananas for tiptop azalea flowers!


Banana 001

Here’s a great tip for getting more out of your azaleas with bigger and brighter flowers.  Save banana skins in a bin or paper bag or anywhere they can dry out a bit without attracting flies. In early spring hack these into small pieces (you can do this earlier if you like and leave them in the bag/bin) and soak in buckets of water at the rate of 6 or so kilos (about 3lbs) to 5 litres (10.5) of water (the quantities here don’t have to be exact – it’s the principle that counts!).  Leave for 24 hours, then pour into ground around azalea bushes, banana skins and all.  Use approximately half a bucket to each bush. Scuff the skins around the soil a bit, taking care not to damage plant roots.  This is a simple, effective and organic way of recycling banana skins and giving your azaleas a potassium boost.

Added hint:   Mix in wood ash (about 5 cupfuls) per bucket ) or sulphate (sulfate) of potassium  (1 cupful per bucket) for an even better effect.



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