Archive | November 2022

HILLIGEI – My new book about the remarkable photographer-naturalist Hilda Geissmann-Curtis.

I have just published a book about Hilda Geissmann-Curtis, an ordinary woman who for a few short years became extraordinarily good at interpreting the mysterious rainforest world of Tamborine Mountain through her articles and remarkable photographs. This was in the early days of the last century when very few women ventured into the rainforest alone, never mind lugging a huge camera with them to record the secret ways of birds and plants. My biography of Hilda is of particular interest to birdwatchers, orchid-fanciers and all those with an interest in natural history. You can read all about it by going to “Books”, on the bar above.

To meet Hilda is to love her. I certainly do! In particular I came to admire not just her art but her cheerful stoicism in the face of hardship and loss.