Susannah and the Free Voice – now on video!

The first time I heard Susannah Lathlean sing I truly did feel an almost unbearable yearning for something I didn’t even know I’d lost.  Her voice does that to you – conjures up the passions of the past, hints at a sublime future, makes you feel…oh, I dunno! You have to hear her to understand what I mean. 

A great deal of expert training has turned a naturally beautiful voice into something special; she can range freely around an octave or two and at the same time knock your heart around.  And her repertoire is flexible – I have heard her sing traditional folk songs, gritty Leonard Cohen ballads, rock, blues and jazz.  Her rendering of the old torch classic Cry Me a River is the best I have EVER heard, by anyone, anywhere.  I used to sing this song myself, in a nightclub, but could never do it so well. 

For years now Susannah has been teaching singing in her own unique way and what she teaches goes way beyond singing; in her own words: 

“For me – and my clients – it’s about learning to connect and stand with yourself in a much deeper way than ever before. Singing in front of others brings up so much vulnerability, self-doubt and fear and I aim to help people acknowledge those feelings and not be held back by them. And to finally express what’s inside them in an authentic and heart-felt way. I truly believe everyone has a unique and beautiful sound and so much so much healing, joy and freedom happens when that sound is allowed to be fully expressed. Finding your voice while freeing yourself. 

 Hence the name of my business is Free Voice. “

Susannah holds in-person sessions on Tamborine Mountain, where she lives, and on the Gold Coast. And now she has a new website and is offering a free on-line mini course that anyone can sign up for. And she’ll also be offering remote one-on-one coaching sessions via live vide through the website, plus more in-depth courses and workshops.  

So wherever you live in the world, if you love to sing and yearn to do it to your fullest ability, you can share in Susannah’s unique approach to vocal development. 

This is not an ad! Susanah is a friend and I have other friends who have been taught by her to marvellous effect. I love her dedication and vision. As well as her voice.