Rainforest plants

My work, my passion, my main interest in life is the rich vegetation of the Australian rainforest – and also the birds and other creatures that live there.

To share this interest with others I maintain a rainforest website.  Here you will find descriptions  and photographs of many common (and some rare) trees, shrubs, vines, ferns and epiphytes.  Use this site to identify plants and learn more about them.  There is also a page dedicated to propagating rainforest plants.

This site is a work in progress and my intention is that it will one day be a valuable resource for those involved in growing rainforest plants and using them in revegetation schemes.  As well as those who just wish to know more about a fast-disappearing ecosystem that takes us back to the days of the dinosaurs.  There is magic to be found in the rainforest, where the mist wreathes around mossy boulders and the great trees reach up or the sun. So please do visit this site, feel free to make comments or ask questions, and share the magic with me.





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