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Odin the Wanderer

Do you love Wagner’s famous Ring Cycle – four operas that tell the story of the The Ring of the Nibelung.  Then you’ll really love this book, which explains many things that puzzle you in the libretto.

Or do you absolutely HATE Wagner’s music, especially The Ring?  Then you’ll still love this book because it takes a satirical look at what is – let’s face it – a very silly story.

Or is it?

Maybe there’s more truth to The Ring than most of us have been led to think.

Either way, this is a hilarious romp through Norse legend that has plenty of relevance for today’s frenetic society.  If you enjoy the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett you’ll like Ringtones.

Here you’ll find Wotan, Brunnhilde, Siegfried and all the gang from The Ring struggling to avert the Final Catastrophe and on the way encountering love, tragedy, lust, greed, romance and self-sacrifice.  And a dragon or two.

Not interested in mythical beings like Gods and Giants and Dwarves?  Just think of them as human and you’ll find they all have just the same traits and behave just as badly.  Or, in a few cases, nobly.  To buy this book (it’s only $4.95!) or read the first couple of chapters in preview, go to:


…And look for blog articles on this site which explore Ringtones in its various aspects.

Great gardening reads – at a really low price!

I write gardening books to help those who are time-poor but would like to know how to create and maintain a garden that’s the envy of the neighbourhood.  Or at least the kind of garden they can be proud of and enjoy in their rare but precious leisure time.  That’s why I created the GardenEzi Five Step Program.  Each book I write is based on that program so they are zappy, easy to follow, fun (I hope!) to read – and cheap!   To put it succinctly, if rather vulgarly, GardenEzi takes the bullshit out of gardening!  You DON’T have to be a devoted gardener, out there weeding and feeding for the love of it seven days a week.  All you have to do is follow the Five Step Program based on the Five Principles (Ps) of Planning, Preparation, Planting, Practice and Protection.

The GardenEzi books are available as e-books, downloaded from Amazon.  To read them, you have to have an Amazon Kindle e-reader, or else they can be downloaded to your PC or laptop and either read on-line or printed out.  You only have to print out the bits you want that day, and you can cart the information out into the garden with you.  Publishing them as ebooks makes it possible for me to sell them cheaply…printed books are just so much more expensive to produce and really, for gardening information, you don’t need it to be exquisitely packaged.  You just need it to be up-to-date and simple to understand and follow.  All these books sell for $4.95.

To download these Kindle ebooks to a PC or laptop computer, you can install free software from Amazon (which will also allow you to download thousands of other Amazon ebooks). To download this software copy and paste:

The available ebooks in the GardenEzi series are:

New!  Ten Best Indoor Plants

Buy at:


This book is both a revolution and a revelation! Truly! Not only does it give you the Top Ten best plants for indoor growing, it also gives you a revolutionary new way of growing them. This is because most potting mixes sold for indoor growing just don’t do the job! What you need is a growing medium that is not too dense yet holds water in a way that can be released as required to plant roots, that is not so heavy it makes repotting a nightmare, and is clean and safe for your home. How to create such a medium is described in the book, along with all the usual tips about watering, feeding, general care and choosing pots. You’ll also learn how air conditioning and central heating affect indoor plants and how to manage these conditions. As for all that stuff about correct light levels that baffles so many householders – don’t worry about it! In this book you’ll learn how simple it really is. Following the usual GardenEzi Five Step Program, Ten Best Indoor Plants really does take all the mystique out of successfully growing indoor plants.

Great Garden – No Sweat

Buy at:

Great Garden cover website

Do you hate gardening?

Or do you just have too many other things to do?

If you want a beautiful garden but don’t have much time to spend in it, this book will show you what to do.  For just two hours work a week you can have the best garden in the neighbourhood if you follow the simple GardenEzi principles of Planning, Preparation, Planting, Practice and Protection.  The book tells you what to plant (and just as importantly, what NOT to plant), where to plant it and how to care for it without trouble. Most importantly, it tells you how to budget your gardening time the way you budget your money (perhaps better!) so you have plenty of time to enjoy your garden – and all the other things you like to do with your leisure time.  BECAUSE THIS IS A BIG SUBJECT, AND BECAUSE IT’S DIFFICULT WITH AN E-BOOK TO LAY OUT PHOTOS TO BEST EFFECT, I’M DEVOTING A SPECIAL PAGE TO THIS BOOK AND TO THE PRINCIPLES OF ‘NO SWEAT’ GARDENING – JUST CLICK ON THE ‘NO SWEAT’ TAG ON THE HOME PAGE)

Growing Great Azaleas

Buy at:

(Please note: this book is unavailable right now – it will be available, in a revised edition, by next spring)

Azalea cover

Azaleas are among the world’s most popular plants and they are found across a range of climate zones in the USA and elsewhere.  Learn how to grow them easily and well with this simple GardenEzi Five Step guide.

Tropical Foliage Garden

Buy at:

Tropical cover

If you live in a warm climate and want to have color in your garden all year round, this book will tell you how to do it and which plants to grow.  The Thirty Best Plants lists in three size categories will make choosing the right plants easy and there is plenty of quick, easy, zappy information on how to plant and care for them.  A perfect book for those living in the tropics and sub- tropics but also includes special lists of plants for creating foliage gardens in Mediterannean, warm temperate and arid zone gardens.

Improving Your Soil – The Natural Way

Buy at:

Not every gardener is blessed with good soil.  Too often, soil is solid clay, too sandy or full of rocks.  This book will show you an easy, economic way to turn the worst garden soil into a wonderful growing medium, following the simple GardenEzi Five Step program.  Only $4.95 from 

Grow Herbs – Make Money

Buy at:

Growing herbs is fun.  Growing herbs for profit is even more fun.  If you want to turn your healthy hobby into a modest business venture that will enhance your income without too much investment or trouble, read this book.  The GardenEzi Five Step program shows you how to plan, prepare and grow a selection of suitable herbs for sale and – most importantly – how to market them. Available at  







A Garden in Africa

Buy at:


A sometimes tragic but always uplifting book about one woman’s struggle to create a garden on her fam in Kenya during the colonial days

Africa is a an exciting country and this is an exciting book about a woman who went to Kenya at the end of World War I and overcame danger, betrayal, tragedy and loss to create a great garden that attracted visitors from all over the world.  The story is based on real people and events and covers the period from early colonisation to Independence and beyond, including World War II and the Mau Mau emergency.  







Camping Guide Australia

Buy at:
or go to Camping Guide Australia website:  or blog direct:

Bob and Julie Lake have spent most of their lives camping on these three continents, and elsewhere.  Being under canvas is still a big thrill for them and they decided to share some of their experiences  – good and bad – in this book. Camping Guide Australia tells you all you need to know about camping in a country that offers the world’s safest and least spoiled wilderness.  Includes information on what to buy, how to plan a trip, safety precautions and weather conditions – as well as special advice for women, families and novice campers.  Aimed at both Australians and overseas visitors.  

Slim with soup!

Buy at:


Slim with Soup is the ultimate slimming guide for those who want to lose weight fast without suffering the miseries of a fad diet – in fact you could call it the “no gain, no pain” method of weightbusting!

However this is not just a useful book for slimmers, it’s also written for older people with health and digestive problems, invalids, parents of small children with finicky appetites, and people on a tight budget.

Soup has something to offer everyone – it’s easy to make, nutritious, easily digestible, easily eliminated, great for all ages and conditions, and cheap. And of course, it’s delicious – whether as a comfort food for the ailing and out of sorts or the elegant start to a dinner party.

The book, too, is in an easy-to-digest format. There are special sections for each of the five special interest groups – weight watchers, older people, invalids, tots and toddlers and those wanting to save money. These are followed by a guide to the ingredients and equipment needed for making good soup. The final part of the book contains recipes for different types of soups including thick ‘n chunky soups, clear soups, broths, cream soups, fish soups and even soups made from fresh fruit. Here the author includes her own special recipe for fool-proof dumplings.

“This is not specifically a recipe book”, author Julie Lake says. “I’ve included two or three recipes for each type of soup so people who have never made soup in their lives have some idea of how it’s done. These recipes will give readers the general principles of making different types of soups – after that it’s up to them! Making soup is not rocket science – and it’s not haute cuisine! Anyone can take a chunk of cheap meat and a bunch of vegetables and turn them into an utterly delicious meal that won’t make you fat but WILL satisfy both the stomach and the soul!”.

“The main purpose of this book is to teach people just why soup is such an excellent food, especially for certain special interest groups such as slimmers”.

Slim with Soup is not a glossy coffee-table book full of appetizing photographs. It’s an e-book, packed full of useful information, with a handful of illustrations, that’s short and to the point. Cheap as chips, too, at US$3.99, but not as fattening!

The book is available as a Kindle download from Amazon at

It can also be downloaded direct to your PC using software available free from Amazon, and either read on line or printed out. OR, you can borrow it from the Amazon library.


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