Julie Lake





I’m a horticulturist and gardening writer with a special interest in making gardening information simple and more accessible for those people who don’t particularly enjoy gardening for its own sake but DO like to have beautiful gardens.  For this reason I created the GardenEzi Five Step program which shows you how to create and maintain a beautiful garden one step at a time.  My other interests include yoga, birdwatching, bushwalking, Japanese language and culture, history and music – especially opera and blues.  My favourite pastime nowadays is playing my ukulele and my husband Bob and I have a duo – Remember This; me singing and playing and Bob on one of his large collection of harmonicas.  We perform mainly nostalgia numbers for older audiences with emphasis on folk, blues and celtic.

I’ve been a camper all my life and am co-author, with my husband Bob, of a popular camping guide.  I live in a beautiful township on top of a sub-tropical mountain not far from the ocean where the livin’ is easy all year round.  I have three children, six grandchildren and many, many wonderful friends to enrich my life.


2 thoughts on “Julie Lake

  1. Hi Julie yes we finally found your web page and can see you have not been idle since our days in Noosa. I thought I had a few hobbies but you put me to shame.
    Many thanks brought back air of memories
    Marcia & Steve Perry

    • Me?! Idle! Only when it comes to serious work!!!! So pleased to learn about Byron, you must be very proud of him. Have just googled him and watched his “Obscura” amd “Double Think”. Amazing!. And how gorgeous he is to look at! As one would expect with such parents! Shall now boast to all my dance-loving friends about having known him as a little boy!

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