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Weekly photo challenge

Well, I’ve finally published a pic in the weekly photo challenge but have no idea whether it will work!  That is, will it appear on the appropriate WordPress site.

I like the idea of this involvement via WordPress with others of similar interests, but am still feeling my way around this Blog.  It’s certainly a lot more challenging than my very simple GardenEzi Blog at

It took me a while to choose a pic for this week’s challenge because I have so many that illustrate the word “down”, which was the theme.  I looked at many shots taken from the tops of mountains and even light houses but somehow this photo, of water flowing over a dam wall in the Illawarra, illustrated the theme better than anything else in my photo library.  At the time I took this shot I was out birdwatching with Bob and the sight of the water flowing over this graciously curved dam wall, and the patterns created, stopped me dead in my tracks!  Alas, I had only my small Nikon CoolPix with which to try and do it justice but at least I feel the photo captures something of this unusually beautiful scene.

You see some very imaginative shots in the WordPress weekly challenge so I hope some people get some pleasure out of this one – if they ever see it!