Roaring Meg is pretty in pink


Last year at this time I did an article on the lovely Fraser Island Creeper, especially the cultivar Roaring Meg which is more florific than the original species sold in nurseries.

This year my own “Meg” put on a really great show. She’s about three years old now and really coming into her own – this is a climber/creeper that needs a bit of patience before you get a really good floral output but once Meg comes of age she really is a generous beauty.

One of the best things about Meg is that she is perfect for small areas and lightweight supports because she knows how to behave herself – doesn’t grow too vigorous, or too heavy, and is very easy to keep under control with minimum trimming. And, she flourishes well in a nice big pot.

Another good thing is that Meg is a low-maintenance lady who likes a reasonable amount to drink but can go a long time without one. Yet, provided her feet aren’t wet for long periods, she’ll handle heavy wet seasons well too. As for feeding; she’s permanently on a diet and only needs a bit of a feed in late winter to really give of her best.

And here’s another good point: Meg will grow in full sun or light overhead shade, though she’ll flower better with plenty of morning sun.

And if you want to know where Meg likes to hang out – subtropical and mediterranean Australia, Florida, southern California, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, Hong Kong, Singapore, most of Africa, anywhere in the tropics and subtropics. And if you have a warm, sheltered, well-watered spot in a temperate garden where there is no frost or snow, she’ll probably do well enough there too.

For more on this plant, go to the October 2012 archive on this site.




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