My books

For those of you who followed me on my previous blog, this is what happened: my books on gardening and camping were previously hosted on our (my husband Bob and myself) Camping Australia Guide and Gardenezi websites. When our service provider ceased to host the server, we were forced to create new websites, marketing platforms and blogs. While this WordPress site will continue to provide a (mostly) personal blog, our books on camping, gardening and a novel on Africa can be accessed via the following links: Improving Your Soil – The natural Way, Camping Guide AustraliaA Garden in Africa, Growing Great Azaleas, Great Garden for Just Two Hours a Week and Tropical Foliage Gardening, $9.95 at (Search title and download to PC or eReader). Camping Guide Australia website and blog: Ctrl/click on:

Information about the books as well as free gardening advice is also available on the new Gardenezi website at

Bob and I so much enjoy sharing our gardening and camping knowledge with you on our blogs and websites and also exchanging chat about Africa on the Facebook group Kenya Friends Reunited.  We’re also happy to help people planning to visit Australia with free advice on where to go and what to do, particularly if they are campers, birdwatchers, hikers or nature lovers of any kind.


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